Real Estate Career

Usually the first question we get asked is why Shaffer is growing so rapidly? It's fairly simple, actually; we put our real estate agents and realtors first. We have a strong value proposition from a commission standpoint, which allows our agents to keep more of the commissions they work hard to earn. We also have an agent support team that rocks! In essence our model is totally geared toward an agent's success.

Our brokerage model is revolutionizing our industry, and it's backed up by reputations and integrity that are second to none in the business. We create genuine Win-Win relationships with our agents. We want to create those same relationships with you! So, let's recap for a second on exactly what we are offering:

  • BIG Value in terms of commission splits
  • Supportive administrative staff
  • Best in class training and coaching
  • Respect and Integrity
  • A professional culture of FUN
  • Leads and Lead Generation Systems 

We realize that our model is different - and it's not for every agent, but for many we have met, they have told us that our company is refreshing and revolutionary. Call 757-468-5000 to setup your private meeting with Hampton Roads' premiere real estate agency, and find out why so many of your friends and colleagues are coming to work with us.


What do you love about the company?

"All of the resources. It is a company with a lot of training and opportunity for growth. I like the culture. The settlement company also being there makes it a one stop shop. Everyone is very supportive and there is no people competition." - Laura L.

"The company always encourages you to try harder. It is simply a great company to be apart of." - Ashley D.

"There is NEVER a question that Jarett can't answer!" - Phil D.

"If I can't do it with Shaffer, I can't do it with anyone. I love the transparency. They really do care, and when someone shows so much care, I don't know how you can find it anywhere else." - Lisa G.

"The education. You're always able to reach your broker, it feels like you are working with family!" - Vivian H.

"Well organized, I love the culture! Very supportive atmosphere with a great culture of learning!" - Sharon P.

"It doesn't feel like a robotic, multi-level marketing firm. Small business feel but tools available that a larger business would have." - Rhonda S.

What do you love about your broker?

"Jarett is always THERE! He is there for advice and extremely supportive." - Laura L.

"Their sincerity toward agents and the company's true concern for your growth and development." - Gayle & Steve M.

If you are interested in a career at Shaffer, please call the office at 757-468-5000 or email! We would love to hear from you!



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